The Graul Family

A family of degenerate ogrekin


The Graul family had haunted the woods near Turtleback Ferry for as long as anyone could remember. Half human and half ogre, the family was known to kidnap travelers in the region and stories tell of acts of torture, cannibalism, and even necrophilia.

When the Heroes of Sandpoint were traveling through the region, they came across a well-trained bear being pursued by one of the Grauls. The battle was brief, and the ogrekin ran off. The bear led the party to the Graul homestead, a boarded-up old farmhouse in which the party faced the Grauls and their horrors.

As they explored the house, the party found the mutilated remains of many Fort Rannick rangers. They dispatched a number of Grauls, even coming face-to-face with the family’s matriarch, an obese woman skilled in the necromantic arts.

The Graul’s barn held other surprises. Guarded by a massive spider (which was quickly dispatched by Kegan) the party found three living prisoners — the last remaining Black Arrow Rangers.

In the end, Ragnar burned the house to the ground and Kifah consecrated the land.

The Graul Family

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